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LTF8990D dual color change LED lightbar
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Type:LTF8990D dual color change LED lightbar


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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Description:The sleek design of this 48" new hawk Light Bar 2.0 improves your vehicle's fuel efficiency whichcontains a total of 1W/3W LEDs and TIR/LIN Optics make this lightbar more brilliant than past models.This lightbar also features a dual-layered aluminum housing and a fully sealed and weatherproofedflasher, guaranteeing that your light will be bright and clear in all conditions.It comes with 15 user-selectable flash patterns, 14 primary warning modules, and safety features thatget the job done.This lightbar fit with a 10-foot wire harness, universal mounting brackets for easy installation, and canalso be hardwired to your existing switch box.This light is fully encased and includes an epoxy-covered flasher, making it waterproof and reliable ineven the worst weather conditions.Dual layered aluminum housing materials adopted for all hard parts of this lamp make this productwear-resistant, anti-corrosive, weatherproof, durable, and sleek.LED takedowns, alleys, and integrated traffic advisorArrow stick directions: left, right, center outPowered by 12 V/24V:Available Length: 17",27",37",47",57" Width: 11.8" Height: 1.8"

Product Feature:

It's with heavy duty metal structure to Make the whole lightbar more durable, covers can be in silver or painting black,

TIR4 or Linear 6 LEDs reflector make it more brightness. Metal base for better heat dissipation and stability.

This is your best choice if you want to find a dual color capability?but get frustrated that the price is just way out of your budget.

Details highlight quality, ingenuity achievement model!

The wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, completely waterproof, weatherproof, durable, and sleek to ensure high quality and already gained a good reputation from our customers.

LED clusters Optional:

Can be TIR4 or Linear 6, 360 degree visual to make the lightbar brightness

Side view:

This product adopts double-layer aluminum alloy boards structure and sector design, which has distinct outline stronger percussion-resistant capability, and is not easy to lose color and get aged. Moreover, the caution light has good sealing and waterproof. A lot of LED lights are distributed as a ring and use high power LED lights let it give out strong flash from each direction. And it has advantage with high brightness and low power waste.