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TL-WD JEEP LED tail light
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Type:TL-WD JEEP LED tail light


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Model:  TL-WD  JEEP LED tail light

Input voltage: 12-24V

LED power: 15W

Light type: far light/near light

Material: Aluminium alloy cast back shell, PC mirror

Protection class: IP67

Life: 30000 h

2. Product features:

Super energy saving: 60% lower energy consumption than usual (Low energy consumption means lower fuel consumption)

High brightness: brightness is 3 times of halogen lamp

Long life: the life of advanced LED is more than 30000 hours than ordinary bulbs

Aluminum alloy shell, shockproof and waterproof function is better.

Light sense: The light is softer and prevents glare.

Waterproof and corrosion resistant: it can be used in heavy rain or harsh environment.

Wide operating voltage range: it can be used in different types of vehicles

Uses: working lights, headlights, headlights, headlights, brake lights, auxiliary lights, fog lights, floodlights, etc.

Applicable models: off-road vehicles, modified vehicles.Harley motorcycles