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Products Introduction:

Multi-functions folding mobile warning light is researched & designed by our company.It's designed for police checking car,the security patrol,traffic safety emergency instructions,ect.Use high power LED to be the light source and lithium to be the power.High-tech leading-edge technology,stately appearance,folding with bag,easy to operate,energy efficient and environmental protection, together to this item.

Police check cars,improve the warning effect,then make:

1)The drivers slow down the speed to be with the police officers' checking cars;

2) Police officers be with safer working place.

Public security patrol

For example,temporarily set police house in the urban district,bus station,railway station,ect,so then it will be with higher warning effect,and make people with safer environment.

Traffic safety emergency instructions:

1) Urban roads,traffic junctions and school gate require temporary warning signs for traffic lane or guide,in order to make the drivers & pedestrians take care.

2) If with traffic accidents temporary need to close the traffic or to protect the site,then improving the warning effect,and avoid other traffic accidents,finally the safety of life can be protected.

Technical Data:

1.outside cover :use aluminum alloy package, waterproof &work outdoor

2.light source :high light LED, sealing designed, power consumption &longlifetime

3.lghtbar cover :PC , anti-impact &anti-aging.

4.Power way :1)inside Lithium battery , small &safe;2)extra UPS ready Ups power, easy to take.

5.Working time : A fully charged can be up to 8hours of continuous use;If used for a long time, you can use the UPS storage power for up to 24-48 hours

6Visual distance : 600m

7.Stand size :90cm, the 1st section can extend 80cm , the 2nd section can extend72cm

8.Standard voltage : DC12V visual angle : 360 degree Lithium capacity : 12V 7AH lightbar power :1.5W